Custom Cardboard BoxesLions …and tiger…s and bears? How about lions and tigers and scares? Teddy Scares, that is!

Check out this twist on an age-old stuff animal. The team at Teddy Scares creates stuffed bears with a horror theme for scare enthusiasts.

Your first question might be, “How do I get one of these?” (click here to snag a bear of your own!) Your second question, “What do Teddy Scares have to do with Synergy Print Design?”

Well, in the past we’ve printed miniature apparel and t-shirts for the scary bears to wear. This time, we’re printing these awesome custom cardboard boxes!

Cardboard boxes aren’t a new product for us to print on, but this one was particularly challenging because of the way it folds. We had to lay everything out in just the right way so that the artwork and labeling was lined up properly. We think these boxes look great!

At Synergy, no job is too big, or too small! Give us a shot and let us take your job to the next level!

Click here for your free quote on custom boxes, promo materials, and apparel from Synergy Print Design.

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Russ Watkins

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