Custom Printed Polo Shirts - Norwood CodeWhen most people think of custom polos, they imagine a lot of embroidering. We’ll bet you didn’t know that you could get custom printed polo shirts!

This just goes to show how versatile we at Synergy Print Design are. Norwood Code Enforcement came in to our shop with an order for some formal polo shirts. While most polo customizations are embroidered on, we could tell by speaking with the team that this wasn’t what they had in mind for their shirts.

We steered them towards a moisture-wicking polo, which would give the team a formal look while serving the practical purpose of keeping the wearers comfortable.

Because of the newer, modern material that the shirts were made of, we knew that a screen printed logo would adhere perfectly to the fabric. The result? A great look that most people don’t even think of!

Not sure which direction to go with your custom apparel needs? Contact Synergy Print Design today and get some advice from the experts!

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Russ Watkins

Russ Watkins is the owner of Synergy Print Design. Connect with him on Google+.