Custom Police Shirts - Norwood PoliceThe Norwood Police Department has a new member on the force. He’ll be easy to spot: he’s the one running around on four legs!

Sabu is Norwood Police’s newest K9 working dog, and is arguably one of the most vital members of the team. He is used to help with everything from sniffing out illegal substances, to tracking down missing persons. What a lifesaver!

The Department came to Synergy Print Design with an idea to help offset the cost of caring for their newest team member: a fundraiser, complete with custom police shirts to sell to the community.

These awesome new shirts are an excellent way to show your support for a critical member of the Norwood Police Department, and to help keep Sabu on the job!

Let us help you show your pride! Custom shirts are a great way to get your cause noticed…and supported. Let Synergy help make your next fundraiser successful.

Contact Synergy Print Design for your free quote on custom fundraiser shirts or other promotional gear!

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Russ Watkins

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