custom aprons - what a crockWith cooler temperatures comes a craving for hearty slow cooker meals. Thank goodness for What a Crock and their pre-made gourmet dinners!

What a Crock is a longtime customer of Synergy Print Design, and often come to us for printed shirts or tote bags to include in their infamous gift sets.

Now that they’ve got loyal customers like you looking good in their gear, they wanted to spruce up the look of their employees’ uniform with custom aprons!

What a Crock’s ingenious concept gives you a freshly-prepared, hot meal to come home to after a long day of work. The bags that the meals are stored in even double as a liner for your slow cooker – no cleanup required!

Since their meals are so popular, the chefs are kept quite busy in the kitchen, so these custom aprons are sure to help make sure they stay clean and look great while pleasing their customers again and again with an endless supply of comfort foo.

The aprons can also be used to show off company pride when chefs are out at various events in the area, dishing up delicious samples of their meals.

What a Crock has been growing quite rapidly ever since they opened, and they continue to create great meals for busy people. Give them a try and check out their line of gift sets, just in time for the holidays!

Got an idea for a creative promotional product? Bring it to us and let us get you in the look you need! We’re more than just shirts and know how to make your business or event a success!

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Russ Watkins

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