Power Home Remodeling - Custom Staff Shirts for BaltimoreSynergy Print Design’s most recent job was another return customer…spreading the word to an out-of-state office!

Power Home Remodeling Group loved the custom staff shirts we designed for their Chester office, and apparently their Baltimore office started to get jealous!

We were asked to design a special shirt just for the Baltimore team. The customer really liked our spin on their original logo from their first batch of shirts, which was inspired by the Superman shield.

We modified the signature diamond shape to fit Power Home’s “P” logo. Since the office is in Baltimore, we threw in a bit of local flavor and used the State Flag in the background.

To make the graphics more eye-catching, we went with a four-color print and incorporated a method called “half-tones”.

Using the “half-tone” method, we were able to make different colors appear to fade into each other and thin out. That’s how the white outline around the logo gets the appearance of disappearing into the dark gray shirt!

With this great print, I’m sure Power Home Remodeling will be back again soon to see what else we can cook up for them!

If you need a special look for your custom gear, let us help you create a logo that will get you recognized! Contact Synergy Print Design for your free quote today!

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Russ Watkins

Russ Watkins is the owner of Synergy Print Design. Connect with him on Google+.