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Moisture-wicking camp shirts!

The sun is out, the snow is melting, and the kids have one thing on their mind: the countdown to summer camp has begun!

For as much fun as camp can be, those days spent outside can be long and hot once the sun starts beating down, and campers can’t always find a bit of shade to cool off in.

The result is a group of sweaty, unhappy campers who are quickly losing their motivation and interest in whatever activity is going on!

Why not get your campers into something that wicks the moisture away? Synergy Print Design knows all of the right fabrics to order when designing your custom camp shirts for this summer!

Moisture-wicking apparel works to pull the sweat away from the body and dissipate that moisture throughout the fabric. This allows moisture to evaporate evenly and cool the wearer off quicker.

Unlike a regular t-shirt, which may have a tendency to lose its shape and stretch when wet, moisture-wicking shirts hold their shape better and last longer.

Brands like Under Armour have become increasingly popular with the younger demographic, but the same material is available from a variety of brand names at a much more affordable price!

A Synergy favorite is the Cool DRI TAGLESS line by Hanes. Yes, they have youth sizes. Yes, we can print on them. And yes, they are cheaper than Under Armour!

If you think this style might be just what you’re looking for, give us a call! We can also help you choose the perfect product to fit your design idea. We have a wide range of apparel and promotional items to get your camp looking its best!

Contact Synergy Print Design today for a free quote on custom camp shirts for this year!

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