Custom QuoteWhen you’re out researching price quotes for custom apparel for an upcoming event, it may seem like some companies are arbitrarily pulling numbers out of a hat.

How does Synergy Print Design price custom apparel? And how could the product you have designed affect that cost?

Synergy offers an extensive variety of apparel and other products that you can customize. This means there are lots of factors affecting your custom quote.

Starting From Square One

First, the basics – and everything is based on a minimum of 36 pieces:

  • A single color design printed in one location on a white t-shirt could cost $8-12 per shirt
  • A three color design printed in one location on a black t-shirt could cost $12-16 per shirt

Now, how did we come up with that? For starters, let’s look at the type of shirt you might want.

Band t-shirt

Custom work by Synergy!

Quality Matters

Short sleeves are (typically) cheaper than long sleeves, and long sleeves are (typically) cheaper than hoodies.

This is just a general rule of thumb; there are some t-shirts that are of such high quality that they are way more expensive than hoodies!

Pick Your Color

Did you know, aside from quality, the color of the shirt you choose could affect the price? Light-colored shirts are oftentimes cheaper than darker ones!

Print colors and location matter, too. Each color in a design requires its own screen; for example, to print a rainbow we need to use six different screens (seven if you want us to include indigo!)

If you want your design printed in multiple locations on your product, we need to multiply the number of screens accordingly. If we’re making a shirt that needs a two-color design printed on the front and sleeve, we use four screens: two for the front and two for the sleeve. See our complete screen printing process here.

We’ve Got You Covered

Remember – Synergy Print Design will always give an accurate quote over the phone or in person once we know exactly what you’re looking for.

If you aren’t quite sure what you want, we can help tailor your order to your event or budget. We can even suggest colors that look well together or a type of apparel to fit your needs!

Let Synergy help you with your order, from shirt type to colors to the design of your print. Our experienced staff has been doing this for years, and can help get the look you want!

Contact us today for a free project quote!

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Russ Watkins

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