The holidays are fast-approaching, and we have some awesome deals in our BMX | Skate | Scooter Shop!

Take a look at Synergy’s Holiday Gift Guide for the perfect gift idea for that special rider in your life!

Synergy BMX | Skate | Scooter Store sells ODI Grips

ODI Grips

Under $25 – Grips!

Need to pick up a last-minute gift, or stuck shopping on a budget? Check out the different brands of grips we’ve stocked up on in time for the holiday season.

We feature brands such as Fit, Cult, and many more. These grips are ideal for BMX and scooters alike. Grips make for a great gift for under $25, although they typically range between $10-$15. Get two pairs and have enough for months of tough riding!


Butcher Pegs by Animal Bikes

Butcher Pegs by Animal Bikes

Under $50 – Pegs!

We’re constantly restocking on pegs, and they always seem to fly off our shelves! They’re a key component for riding BMX and doing some sweet tricks. They tend to take a beating and you want them to last as long as possible.

Most of the pegs we carry are Animal Butcher Pegs in varying colors. These are easy to install and a great value for the price. Generally, pegs run between $25-$35 depending on the brand or model. We’ll even install them for you!


Synergy BMX | Skate | Scooter Shop stocks traffic skateboards


Under $100 – Skate Decks!

Like other products, skate decks get worn out from all the riding they endure. If your wheels and trucks are good but you’re in the market for a fresh new deck, we can simply remove them and then upgrade the deck.

Our high-quality shop decks start at $25; the best bang you’ll find for your buck! Other name brands in stock are priced at up to $90, depending on whether you’re in the market for an upper-name brand like Habitat or Enjoi. We have plenty of decks in stock for your taste and price range, and we’ll help you put your new deck together.

If you’re looking for newer parts all around, we can help pick out new trucks and wheels, or even help you design a 100% custom board! Our team is ready to get you back on the streets!

Check us out in Prospect Park for additional gift recommendations!

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