MGP VX4 BMX scootersIt’s a big day for us here at Synergy BMX | Skate | Scooter Shop: we have new scooters in stock!

The VX4 is a new releases from Madd Gear Pro, and they’ve redesigned many parts of the complete scooter to create this new design.

The grips are extra wide for more comfort and a better grasp. If you like your bars wider than the stock width, you can add four inches with the included extenders taking your bars to 25 inches!

The bars and deck are fluted internally to reduce the amount of metal and overall weight of the scooter. The forged triple clamp and intergrated headset increase durability for riders that are tough on their scooters. The wheels and bearings were built with speed in mind.

There are nine colors available from MGP, and right now we have two of them in stock. Stop in and check these awesome scooters out, and if you’re interested in a different color, we can order it for you!

Do you have questions about this or any other product we have in stock? Contact Synergy BMX | Skate Scooter Shop today!

MGP VX4 Scooters

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