Bullying Awareness shirts

It seems like more and more stories are coming out about kids being bullied and, like many other problems out there, people are standing up to fight for their cause!

Recently Synergy Print Design had the privilege to work with the local group A Community For Change for their second annual Bullying Awareness Walk.

A Community For Change was started by a young girl who experienced bullying herself at her school. Partnering with her mom, they hit the town and recruited other families, police organizations and even the local government councils for support. They were so determined, they were able to get anti-bully resolutions passed in local townships!

The Walk For Bullying Awareness in Delaware County attracts hundreds of participants and spectators, and is a great event for Synergy to support. Their bullying awareness shirts were simple but with enough emphasis to get their message across.

We’re proud to support A Community for Change and their efforts to keep kids safe. No matter what your cause or event requires, let Synergy help design, plan and print what you need for success! Contact us for a free project quote today!

A Community For Change Bullying Awareness Shirts

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