Screen Printing by Synergy Print DesignCustom shirts don’t always need to have the same standard look.

If you’re looking for some new screen printing ideas, Synergy Print Design offers unique methods to get the best result.

Recently, our experts created shirts to use for promotions and giveaways. We don’t do this often, but when we do, the shirts go quickly! While we call it “Smash Print”, it’s technically called “Split Fountain” or “Rainbow Roll”.

Great custom shirt ideas from Synergy Print DesignDuring the process of printing, the machine uses a squeegee to push ink through a mesh screen. Typically each color you want on a shirt will require a separate screen and then additional colors are layered. In these prints, we get creative and use one screen to put three colors in at the same time. The result is a blend of colors that create a unique look.

If you want custom shirts that stand out, we can help put something like this together for you.

Tell us you saw the Smash Print and we’ll make sure your organization gets something not many others see! Get a free quote from Synergy today!

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Russ Watkins

Russ Watkins is the owner of Synergy Print Design. Connect with him on Google+.