Custom Ice Cream Parlor Shirts - 'nana SplitsRemember going to your grandparents’ house in the summer time and being spoiled like no other? It probably included some swimming, staying up late and lots of ice cream, right?

The team at ‘nana Splits remember that feeling all too well. That’s why they’re dishing out summer favorites every day to help reminisce on our memories!

Their creations span past the normal ice cream and water ice. They’ve concocted their own line of specialty sundaes, anchored on the infamous banana split. If the split isn’t your thing, check out their Nor’Easters, filled with your favorite toppings and blended together for a decadent end to a long day enjoying the summer heat.

At ‘nana Splits, the entire team understands what summer means, and their #1 goal is to always keep their customers happy; proven when they keep coming back for more.

‘nana Splits keeps coming back to Synergy Print Design because they enjoy our work. This most recent line of custom ice cream parlor shirts is the perfect blend of down-home comfort and a refreshing new feel, everything that ‘nana Splits is all about!

Give us a shot and you’ll see why we have so many loyal customers. Let Synergy get you looking good!

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Russ Watkins

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